Organizing for Safety

We offer a blend of business acumen combined with extraordinary technical resources and skill and a proven record of success. Our goal is to provide cost effective answers and solutions to whatever safety and loss challenges your company may face.

Organizing for Safety Services

Safety and Health Committee Development

Our professionals will help you design a committee by selecting members from key areas and departments in your company that will offer valuable input towards resolving and managing safety issues.

Safety and Health Committee Participation

Our professionals will help direct the members of the committee towards resolving safety issues.

Safety Director Support

Our safety professionals can offer focused direction to your safety management by offering tools such as assistance with Policy Manuals, Procedures and Training.

Identifying and Training a Safety Advocate

Perhaps your company is not large enough to create or maintain a complete in-house safety program. Or maybe you have your own safety department, but you are undertaking a major extra-ordinary project (for example, an industrial turn-around) that requires third party monitoring. Nain & Associates can offer the highest level of expertise to apply to these challenges. Check out our Safety Monitoring solutions for these situations.

Organizational Buy-in and Support

According to OSHA, two essential ingredients to maintain a safety focus are management leadership and employee involvement. The key is to create the right safety leadership qualities for both management and employees together.