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Mock OSHA Inspections

Nain & Associates will do a physical walk-through and documentation review at your plant or facility to determine deficiencies in OSHA compliance. As a result of this, a comprehensive report is furnished.

Policy Manual Development

We will create an OSHA compliant safety and health policy manual specific to your facility. This is designed to achieve a major portion of your OSHA-required written programs. It is vital that the company and employees implement and follow the manual.

OSHA Citation

Should you receive an OSHA citation, we are available to help you correct any issues and liaison with OSHA to work towards abatement. In turn, you must follow our plan.

Documentation & Procedures

We at Nain & Associates, LLC. help your company put in place the required and/or essential documentation and procedures which allow the company to meet the regulatory requirements or to protect themselves legally.

Hazard Analysis such as JHA, JSA, or PHA

Predictive hazardous analysis is a key tool to prevent (occupational) injuries and illnesses. Job hazard analysis, also known as job safety analysis, and preliminary hazard analysis are well known tools to achieve this.

Central Safety & Health Committee System

We assist companies to develop an efficient safety and health committee that engages senior management through hourly employees to effectively imply with OSHA regulations and minimize the potential of (occupational) injury or illness to employees.

Converting to GHS System (Hazard Communication)

As of 2012, OSHA updated their Hazard Communication regulation. At this time, material safety data sheets (MSDS) are a violation of this regulation. We help replace their material safety data sheets with compliant safety data sheets (SDS) and other important features of the regulation.

"Hands On" Projects

OSHA requires the creation of procedures specific to the operation of a machine with respect to the control of hazardous energy while working a wide range of projects and machines.

10/30 Hour OSHA Outreach Course

These are courses offered in both General Industry and Construction safety training. Our OSHA authorized trainers are equipped to offer these vital experience-tested courses that will fulfill training requirements given by OSHA.

Safety & Health Training

As the workforce and workplace change, businesses are turning to effective training as an important element of success. Our training is designed to equip your employees and other personnel for OSHA compliance success through your provided policies or our provided materials.