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10/30 Hour OSHA Outreach

In today’s modern and sometimes litigious construction environment, many customers/host employers require either OSHA 10-hour or 30-hour construction outreach training for any construction projects on their property. This holds particularly true for leads, foremen, superintendents and project managers. Nain has proven success teaching practical courses that lead to employee safety and health, customer satisfaction, and business success. 10- or 30-hour OSHA Outreach cards will be issued at the successful completion of the course.

Policy Development/Subcontractor Pre-Qualification

In today’s construction environment, employee safety, health and margins are essential. The most effective way to keep your company successful and protected is a basic set of practical and compliant policies. Nain makes it a priority to provide your company a customized set of policies.

Many major corporations and large general contractors pre-qualify their contractors and subcontractors. Nain will help with your safety and health pre-qualification needs.

OSHA Citation Assistance

Should you receive an OSHA citation, we can aid you in correcting any issues and work with OSHA towards an abatement. OSHA citations can significantly hinder a contractor’s ability to attract new business. Increasingly, fines are rising to the point of, perhaps, putting a company out of business.

Competent Person Training

“Competent Person” is a very specific term used by OSHA, particularly in high hazard regulations such as Excavation and Trenching, Confined Space Entry, Scaffolding, Fall Protection, etc. Nain understands proper usage and application in order to assign the right person within the operation. Done properly, this can be a cost effective tool to save lives, prevent injuries and continue to develop robust business opportunities.

Mobile Equipment Training

Nain & Associates is successful in training mobile equipment operators as trainers within the construction industry. Construction industry federal regulations and construction projects require an array of mobile equipment ranging from skid steer to forklifts, front-end loaders, excavators, Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP), in addition to many other types of mobile equipment. We provide wallet cards and documentation for your company’s specific training needs.

On-Site Inspection

Nain has trained professionals who can conduct on-site inspections at your site to help the management team ensure your project is abiding by OSHA regulations and meeting management expectations. Nain specifically performs these audits in a way that will help create the culture your company needs to work safely and be compliant. These can be scheduled, random, or periodic. A report to suit our customer’s needs is furnished to our client contact.

On-Site Professional(s)

In many cases referred to as third-party monitoring, Nain can provide a safety professional on your construction site for the duration of the project. In many cases, high hazard environments or specific companies may require a full-time trained and certified safety professional. We will provide an estimate to furnish a professional(s) for your project.

Specific Client Training Needs

While it is essential to have a compliant and effective set of policies, employee training is essential to prevent serious injuries and illnesses, to lower workers compensation costs and to assure customer satisfaction. It will also minimize or eliminate OSHA violations.

Nain can provide trainers, documentation, and tracking mechanisms for all employee training. This can be done through remote or on-site training. Nain has a distinguished record of success in meeting customers' needs in this area of the construction industry.

OSHA Compliance Assessment

Many companies in the construction industry mistakenly assume that training is the only requirement needed to provide comprehensive OSHA compliance. Nain & Associates has extensive experience in forming comprehensive assessments for construction companies/contractors to include all elements under 29 CFR 1900, 1910, and 1926 which would include written programs, recordkeeping, site and equipment assessments, PPE requirements, etc. A written report is furnished to the client along with an executive summary as desired.

Train the Trainer (Construction)

Frequently, a construction company can save a lot of money and have more effective training when it designates and trains individuals who can cover all topics specific to their practice.

Subjects may include mobile equipment, hazard communication, confined space entry, fork lift operations, etc.